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Best Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit-Nut Dispenser

After years of making bread by hand, kneading, proving the lot I decided to venture into bread makers. The first ones I brought were OK and did the job but we had the restrictions of one loaf size and variables such as the outside temperature greatly affecting our bread making to the point where it made more sense to be just making it by hand every time.

I have baked bread for many years now for numerous reasons including health (high salt and bird feathers in conventional white sliced bread) and the love of good artisan standard bread with whatever nuts, seeds and fruit you want in it. Within our family and friend circle we have a vegan and celiac this means we are very conscious in respecting the beliefs and allergies which is why we do it ourselves. Economically to buy the bread we really want I would be paying a fortune too and all for the price of a bag of flour. I then came across the Panasonic Bread Machine.

 Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit-Nut Dispenser  for their special offer on the latest offers on Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker.

 A very good friend of ours is a celiac and for the last ten years we have been playing around with hand made and machine made gluten free loaves. Gluten is the molecule that alongside yeast allows the bread to rise as kneading is braking down the gluten molecules hence a loaf wont rise properly or shape well without a good kneading. I tried adding xanthum gum to gluten free pastry and dough to help bind it but we still did not have an awful lot of luck. In comes This Gluten Free Bread Machine and now I am making beautiful artisan breads for our celiac friend and after ten years of prescription of hard and tough bread she is now content and back in the world of the loaf.

 Healthy daily bread and crust control

Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit-Nut Dispenser
Crust Control
For health reasons I always use organic flour after finding out that wheat as a crop in non organic systems is sprayed with pesticides and insecticides around 20 times. We use malthouse, white and wholemeal flours. By hand and machine I have always struggled with wholemeal brown flours and getting them to rise. I have found that by playing around with the settings and blending flours that I can now make a successful brown loaf, hooray. Another great thing is the crust control setting, my friend does not like thick crust bread and discards it upon eating, blasphemy in my eyes so I make her a different loaf for the week that is a different texture with a thin crust.

Nut and Fruit Dispenser

 Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit-Nut Dispenser
Nut and Fruit Dispenser
The function that dispenses raisins and nuts is amazing we use seeds mostly for a high fibre bread and the fruit for sweet loaves. This defeats many bread makers that sound the alarm after second kneading to add any additional ingredients. This used to annoy me slightly as I had to stick around for an hour or more just to add ingredients where as now I can just add the flour, water, salt, yeast and sugar and leave the house for the afternoon to be greeted upon arrival with a fresh loaf. Plus mixing in nuts and dried fruits not only add to the pleasing consistency and taste of the finished product, but they’re also another way to add to the overall health factor.

Optional size loaves and rye and spelt

The option of loaf size is very handy as when it is just two of us I make smaller ones as the bread has no preservatives and I do not eat it all before it goes off. When the rabble are home we may have to make two of the biggest as warm and fresh bread soon disappears :) The smallest size is ideal for fruit/ malt loaf type breads as well as dense breads such as rye. Over the years I have struggled to make a successful rye loaf, even when blending flours, the machine has an application to work with the harder grains of rye and spelt (a very common grain used by the Romans). This has opened up our home baking world as I love rye bread but it tends to be expensive in the shops due to the complexity of making it. This really is Best Bread Machine , I find using a white flour as well balances the rye and make a nice loaf.  I reguarly use our own sour dough too, we just add it to the machine and hey presto put a piece of dough aside keep on feeding it and use it again next week. There are bakeries in San Francisco and Russia that have sour dough starters over a hundred years old!!

Basic, French, Pasta, Pizza Dough, and Bake Only.
Basic mode works well for a variety of breads, including white and whole wheat
French mode bakes up delicious French bread with a soft interior and crispy exterior–perfect for pasta night.
Pasta mode makes several different types of homemade pasta dough–there’s nothing quite like homemade pasta.
Pizza Dough mode for creating homemade pizza dough in just 45 minutes.
Bake Only mode when it’s time to bake a cake for a birthday celebration or delectable tea breads to serve with tea when visiting with a friend.

One of my absolute favorite features of this machine is the automatic timer, you can add the ingredients the night before ( making sure you add water first and yeast last to avoid the two meeting in the night) and set a timer for say five o clock the next morning and wake up at 8 to a fresh and warm loaf of bread. I really can not express the joy that the smell of hot bread first thing in the morning brings to me :)

Design and Ease of Use

The machine is sleek and good looking and is a welcome addition to the kitchen. The Panasonic bread maker compact design takes up minimal space on the kitchen countertop making it readily accessible.It polishes up perfectly internally and externally every time with ease. The base and blade of the bread pan are easily cleaned too. I would really recommend this machine to amateur and aspiring bakers as its diversity of settings has something for everyone. It is simple to use and makes the most amazing bread you can get, I love the sun dried tomato and caramelised onion loaves and with the nut dispenser we try all kinds of herbs and spices. Enjoy your bread making!

Diamond-fluorine Coating on Scratch-resistant Baking Pan for Enhanced Durability.

Automatic Bread Maker with Fruit-Nut Dispenser Inner View
Removable Pan
The Panasonic Bread Machine provides an inner bread pan with a good sized loop handle for easy removal (use an oven mitt when hot). The rugged pan also features a diamond-fluorine coating for even heating and scratch-resistant, long-lasting use and  unbeatable performance. For added convenience, the pan’s non-stick interior ensures effortless food release–dough removes without sticking to the pan and fully cooked cakes and loaves of bread slide out smoothly from the pan and onto a cutting board for slicing and serving. Plus non stick is so much easier to clean.

Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the 550-watt automatic bread maker measures 14.6 by 11.1 by 12.8 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. Accessories include a measuring cup, measuring spoon, and recipe booklet with great tasting ideas for getting started.

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